Golf Lessons by Brandon Jones PGA

As a golf instructor, my teaching philosophy focuses on the importance of a proper swing plane. The swing plane refers to the path the club takes during the golf swing. Understanding and controlling this path is a crucial aspect of consistent, efficient shot-making.

I believe that each golfer has a unique swing that is dictated by their body type, swing style, and individual strengths and weaknesses. Therefore, my teaching approach is tailored to each student’s individual needs.

I also emphasize the importance of mastering the fundamentals of golf, such as grip, stance, and alignment, before delving into the complexities of swing plane. Once a solid foundation is established, I then provide clear and concise instruction on how to improve not only the swing plane, but your overall game. I will provide drills and exercises to reinforce these concepts.

Overall, my goal as a golf instructor is to help my students develop a consistent and efficient swing that they can rely on in any situation on the golf course.